Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

UI Design
Client: Plastic Wax

Video game


Plastic Wax typically do cinematics for video games, though they have been broadening their range of work. One such example is Regicide, the new chess-inspired Warhammer 40K game. Or ... should that be, Warhammer 40k-inspired chess game...?

Either way, the game was largely developed in tandem with another company, but Plastic Wax did a lot of work on the visual side of things, with a lot of imput into gameplay as well. My role was to help on the design of the user interface, which meant figuring out not only the design, but also the placement of icons, and also their functionality.

Perhaps not the most glamorous task in the world of video game design, but still more creatively rewarding than one might, at first, consider. My work isn't terribly apparent in the trailer above, though you do see some user-interface stuff in there during gameplay footage. Mostly you would be inclined to ignore it, however that is the hallmark of a good UI: it is there to be ignored until you need it!