Motion GFX
Client: Ferrero (UK)

Corporate Video

Adobe After Effects

One place I worked at in London took on a number of jobs creating year-in-review corporate videos. These would typically boast at how good the finances had been, and are quite dry, but sometimes you end up making a fun one. This one, for nutella, had no specific brief, but what made it interesting was the history of the much-favoured hazelnut chocolate spread. Suffice to say, I learned a thing or two!

The creative was tricky to begin with, until a very talented colleague was roped in to help come up with something. He immediately came up with the idea of a sort of scrapbook look, and the rest just fell into place (though creating all the outlines and filling them with the scribble look took some work).

This was one of the jobs where I would have been happy to accept some product in lieu of payment, but it's probably for the best in every way that I got money for my trouble!