Illawarra Mercury - Digital Subscription TVC

3D graphics, Compositing
Client: Illawarra Mercury

Corporate Video

3D Studio Max
Adobe After Effects

The brief was to mimic the style of a different ad (for a bank, if I recall correctly), though I wanted to push it more towards a plastic, Monopoly-style look (incidentally, have you heard of the Monopoly Deal Card Game? You will be amazed at how fun it is). The director asked to pull back on the plastic nature of it, but I'm still very satisfied with the final look of it.

This one went through a lot of changes to make everything work. Most notably the floor colour, which you can see change multiple times in the composite breakdowns. Initially it was blue, but that clashed with the logo. And white just made everything bland. But adding the orange and making it glossy (that reflection was thrown together in about 10 minutes using Element 3D in After Effects) brought it all together.