KFC "Ooooh Yeah!"

Motion GFX, Director
Client: Ogilvy Social

Web viral marketing for KFC Australia

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator

A little piece I worked on in 2014 to promote an Instagram competition that KFC were running through their social media campaign. Working with Social @ Ogilvy is always a pleasure, as they defer quite often to my experience and as such I find myself directing the work they give me.

On this one I even took a morning off from the animation grind to sit in on the vocal session (they erred on the side of overdoing it, since the previous project I worked with them on had me using VO of people from around the office). Naturally, since the voice was the professional who always does KFC ads, he knocked it out of the park, and we used as much of our additional time as possible to throw new ideas around -- some of which made it into the video.

Strangely, this video garnered more positive feedback from friends and family than much of the other (and I dare say, more impressive) work I had done. I guess people just like KFC, and I suppose it is a fun video. Though I am very proud of using the burger and fries to make Colonel Sanders -- I never did see how that competition went, though I suspect that nobody else managed to beat that level of creativity...